Play Return Man 2 Unblocked

I was an ex-player of Return Man Game. But I get bored with the old version of the Returnman because I have completed the levels for several times. So, now I am enjoying Return Man 2 game. And it is just amazing and more entertaining than a ReturnMan. You have to control the quarterback and lead them. During the play, you will face multiple challenges to reach the goal. Reach the end field and make the high scores.

Game Controls / Keys

  1. Use I, J, K, L / arrow keys to control the movement of the player.
  2. Use A key to make a spin
  3. Use S key to make a speed burst.
  4. Use D key to front flip

The gameplay is very interesting, as it contains 15 levels that you have to unlock by reaching the goal and scoring high scores. You can use the keyboard to fully control your team. You can do special moves with A, S, and D key.

At each level, you face some silent tackles from the opponents. In the starting levels, they always try to harm you and avoid you moves to make high scores. But remember my tip, keep on moving and don’t let the opposite team get closer to you. If didn’t do so then you will be dead.

But as the game moves to advance levels, then you got strong team members that will defend and save your life from the opposite team. If you are in trouble they will make a goal for you. Just move and don’t let another team stop you.

Tip: When you got the strong team members then stay near them, it will give benefit to you. They will act as your shield and protect them against the enemies.

With this version I have researched a duplicate version of the Return Man 2, it’s called Return Man II zombies version. The gameplay of both these games are the same but one extra thing in this version is zombies. Zombies are just killer, you have to protect your life against them. If you are expert in playing in the football field then go for it, or try the latest launched version of this series, Return Man 3.

Return Man 2 Gameplay

Before starting the game, must read the instructions. They might be helpful to you during the play. Always remember to move along the yellow circle when you are trying to catch the ball. Make a large circle around the opposite team with your teammates. So, that they can’t make a goal and point lost.

Wait, do you know about the kicker? No… When I played it I was also unknown to it. So, I want to tell you about it. Kicker slows down the speed of the player who is present near him. So don’t get close to him. You have to reach the end zone within the time limit otherwise you will lose.

Developer: Mini Monster Media has developed the Return Man 2 game.

Platform: Web browser

Note: Spin, front flip and speed burst are the special moves, you have to unlock them before use.