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Return Man 5 Unblocked


Play American football return man 5 game game online and learn how to play the game and make a touchdown. Each player is on offense and defense: A quarterback, running backs, wide receivers and defensive players. They all work together as a team to make the best possible performance.

Goal of the Game:

The goal is for each team's offense to advance the ball into its opponent's end zone or kick it through their opponent's goalposts at the end of each drive. The winner will be declared when one side gets more points than the other after playing four quarters with 15 minutes of play time in total (the clock stops and starts during some cases).

Concussions and injuries: Return man 5 game is a contact sport so concussions can happen Players use helmets for protection but it can still occur so a player should be taken to the locker room and evaluated by a doctor if this happens. They need to have them diagnosed.